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Defeat In Replay

BSK 1933 1 FC Pinzgau Saalfelden 0 (1:0)
Goal: Laguns (30.)

Match Report

Alexander Schriebl had predicted a difficult away game and that was proved to be true. From the start, the tempo was high and both teams gave each other nothing, even if the big scoring opportunities were initially a long time coming. The home side had the first chance of the half, but Nicholas Mayer’s finish missed the target. Moments later, there was a fire in the Bischofshofen penalty area for the first time. First Tamas Tandari failed with a header, before the goalkeeper thwarted a normally unstoppable shot by Joao Pedro with a brilliant save. In the 26th minute, the leather floundered in the net for the first time, but the referee correctly ruled the FC Pinzgau captain’s goal offside – a close call. After exactly half an hour, BSK 1933 took a 1-0 lead after a corner by Jekabs Laguns. The final phase of the first half was characterized by a lot of duels. The Schriebl crew continued to show effort, but struggled in the attacking zone.

The second half showed the same picture. Neither team backed down and they stayed true to the match plan. As if out of nowhere, Bischofshofen had the first big chance, but Kilian Schröcker was on guard and once again showed his class. In further consequence the game rippled so before itself, the intensity remained high, but there should be no noteworthy offensive actions. The Pinzgauer tried everything until the end of the game to still achieve the equalizer – the effort would not be rewarded on this evening, however.


“We have found well into the game and were the more dominant team. After the counter-goal, we lost the red thread a bit. At the beginning of the second half Bischofshofen had a very good phase, but then we fought back. The game could have gone either way – the equalizer would have been possible, but Bischofshofen could also have scored. The bottom line is a defeat that really annoys us,” said Alexander Schriebl, drawing a first conclusion immediately after the game.

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