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Guests In Golling

Guests In Golling

🆚 SC Golling v FC Pinzgau Saalfelden
🏆 Salzburg Regional League Matchday 12
🏟️ Holz-Schorn-Arena Golling
🕖 October 1, 2022 (14:00 CET) 🇦🇹 (8:00am EDT) 🇺🇸

Freely according to the motto “fall down, get up and straighten the crown” it goes for FC Pinzgau Saalfelden, after the elimination in the SFV Landescup against the 1. Oberalmer SV, this Saturday in the Tennengau.

Alexander Schriebl’s team will face SC Golling, who have definitely arrived in the Salzburg Regionalliga in recent weeks and have made a strong impression, coming off a road victory against Anif 0:1.

The Pinzgauers, who are short of substitutes, will have to show a different side in the second duel of the season in order to make a full impression away from home for the second time in a row after the win in Hallein.
The sports club was founded in autumn 1946 in a back room of the “Hauslwirt”, where the club was launched in the presence of the then ASKÖ state chairman, Rupert Köpf. As required, the club was reported to the American occupying forces shortly beforehand, at that time still under the name ATSV Golling.

Team News
Alexander Schriebl is without Lukas Moosmann and Felix Adjei, injured in the Cup loss at mid-week. Niklas Mühlbacher, Kilian Schröcker and Joao Pedro are all questionable, as well.

“We have already shown many good performances in the championship, even though we have often lost away from home in unfortunate fashion. Every game is different and has its own character. Golling has really found its feet as a promoted team and can continue to play without pressure. They played well from the start of the season, even if the positive results could not be brought in at first. That has changed now. It will certainly be a real fight on the small pitch. If we accept the situation, we can also take something with us. We have something to make up for.”

Our first home match of the season against newly promoted SC Raika Golling featured a dominating, four-goal fest with a double by our captain, Tamas Tandari.
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