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A Perfect Partnership

In sporting terms, FC Pinzgau Saalfelden women have been running like clockwork for weeks – spectacle and refreshing offensive soccer included. The combinations between the local players and the US-American newcomers, which was started as a pilot project, works and bears the first fruits. A lot has also happened in recent weeks in terms of professionalization and the first important steps have been taken off the pitch.

It is all the more gratifying that a two-year partnership has now been concluded with “tom Almhütte – Hochkönig”. “Women’s soccer has received too little attention in recent years in my opinion, I think that’s a shame. My sister has been playing in the team for a long time, so I thought: why not! It’s really a good story. Something is happening with the FC Pinzgau women, there is a concrete plan behind it, and we are happy to support it. I met with Sierra, the chemistry was right from the start and she had concrete ideas. We very quickly found a common denominator,” reports Thomas Schwaiger.

In addition to monetary support, there is also a set of uniforms and new warm-up shirts. And these are provided with an eye-catcher. In the future, a pug will be depicted on the front. A pug, many will ask … Yes, a pug! Choupette is probably the best known pug in the Pinzgau and is not only the well-known key visual of tom Almhütte, but will in the future also decorate the shirts of FC Pinzgau Saalfelden women. “The idea came from us and was perfectly implemented by our marketing company. I think our appearance is very casual. We have created a brand and a unique selling point with it, wanted to consciously distinguish ourselves from the standard stuff. That was important to us and it worked out perfectly. I’m pleased that our logo is now also visible in sports and that we can use it to help shape our ambitious path,” says Schwaiger.

“Never Without My Team!”

This is the recently launched slogan of the women’s team. However, this saying is not only related to the sporting field, i.e. the players, but also includes the organization and the loyal partnerships. “We are very happy about this partnership. Our views coincide, we want to make a difference together and take women’s soccer to a higher level. Tom is a trendsetter, stands for innovation and vision. This is also our mission, which we want to live every day. He believes in our project and what we are trying to do. This is good for all of us and gives us an extra motivation,” explains Sierra Cristiano, coach and project manager of FC Pinzgau Saalfelden women.

Last weekend, the Pinzgau women wore Choupette on their chest for the first time in the derby against SC Leogang. A pop-up restaurant from tom Almhütte rounded off a perfect match day at the 1508 SaalfeldenArena.

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