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Bitter Defeat At Austria Salzburg

SV Austria Salzburg 1 FC Pinzgau Saalfelden 0 (0:0) 

The first defeat of the season and at the same time the first goal conceded interrupts the fabulous run of FC Pinzgau Saalfelden. The Schriebl eleven could not maintain the momentum from the first games, but the narrow away defeat dampens the ambitions only temporarily.

The game was ten seconds old and FC Pinzgau Saalfelden was already in the Maxglan penalty area for the first time, but this advance was lost in the thin turf. The predetermined direction of travel was thus apparent to all involved early on, but Alexander Schriebl’s men subsequently pulled back a bit and tried to draw Austria out. Nevertheless, the first “visit” to the Pinzgau box took almost ten minutes and was also abruptly ended by Robert Radev, the man at the whistle, due to an offside position. On the opposite side, Tamas Tandari found his premiere chance in minute 14, but Manuel Kalman in the purple box was able to parry.

The match now seemed to get a bit livelier overall: Manuel Krainz with the first shot on goal for the SVAS, which demanded only a weary smile from the visitors’ keeper Kilian Schröcker, and Tandari with his second for FCPS, but this also came to nothing. In the 25th minute, the ball then briefly floundered in the net, but the supposed lead for the home side was not – again offside. Whether it was due to the temperatures on a sunny holiday or neither team wanted to show any weakness, the second half of the first period was much less eventful than the first half, 0:0 was the logical score at the break.

Now something more courageously appearing Mozartstädter had shortly after restart immediately a giant chance, FCPS retainer Schröcker saved in the highest emergency. Moments later, he had to prove himself again with a dangerous cross from the right, but he also acted in this situation. Austria gradually increased the number of shots in this phase, and Schröcker, who was now in full focus, was able to deflect a long-range shot just off the crossbar, for example, and thus prevent the team from falling behind.

It took almost a quarter of an hour until the Schriebl crew again set offensive accents, especially in the person of captain Tandari, and thus provided relief in the defense. However, one searched in vain for compelling scoring chances. The Maxglaner made this on the other side unfortunately better: After a corner Mathias Hausberger came almost unhindered by head to the play equipment and put on 1:0. In the final minutes moved particularly the impartial with its color plays into the foreground, first Moritz Eder was sent because of unsportsmanlike conduct early with the traffic light card to the showers, then Radev was still with the support team of the Pinzgauer vorstellit. A final attack in stoppage time once again nourished hopes for the equalizer, but the narrow defeat could no longer be averted.


“It was a close game today and both teams performed at a high level. In the second half, we lost a little bit of grip and were not decisive enough in some situations. Of course, we would have liked to take something home with us, but we are already looking ahead to the next game, which we want to improve in terms of results,” Alexander Schriebl draws a first conclusion immediately after the game.

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