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Bitter Draw To Start

BSK 1933 2 FC Pinzgau Saalfelden 2 (1:1)
Goals: Drocic (35.), Safonov (90.) and Tandari (20.; 71.)

FC Pinzgau Saalfelden extended its series on Saturday afternoon, is now unbeaten for 11 games (nine wins and two draws).

Markus Fürstaller’s team was able to take the flow of the last few weeks into the first game of the Westliga. Tandari & Co immediately took command and set the pace. Already in the early stages, the Pinzgau captain tested the home side’s goalkeeper with a powerful header. A clever free kick by Denis Kahrimanovic and a deflected shot by Philipp Zehentmayr were the logical consequence of a pressing superiority. After a Stanglpass from Niklas Mühlbacher, Tandari gave the guests a deserved 1:0 lead. Moments after the goal, Semir Gvozdjar had the 2:0 on his foot, but he missed the chance. Bischofshofen could hardly set any offensive accents in the first half. Contrary to the course of the game, however, they should still manage the lucky equalizer through Viktor Drocic before the break.

In the second half of the game, the picture was completely different. Bischofshofen was the team that dominated the game and pressed not only for the tempo, but also for the lead. However, the chances that were created could not be converted into goals. The Pinzgauers slowly but surely fought their way back into the game, won more duels and made pinpricks in the offensive. In the 71st minute, Gvozdjar failed to score, but the rebound was calmly converted by Tandari to make it 2:1.

In the following period, an open exchange of blows developed and the game went back and forth. In this phase, it was again Gvozdjar who had the best opportunity – but the offensive player’s finish went just over the crossbar. In the last minute, BSK 1933 scored a lucky equalizer with a header from Oleksandr Safonov.


“We got off to a great start and gained advantages. After the deserved opening goal, we failed to follow up today. Bischofshofen came back with the first shot on goal. In the second half we lost the thread a bit, but we fought our way back and deserved to take the lead again. A late goal against is always bitter, of course, but it doesn’t help. We’ll take the point with us, so we can be satisfied.”


Schröcker; Mühlbacher (61. Noggler), Kahrimanovic, Ziege, Adjei (61. Joao Pedro); Eder, Zehentmayr, Moosmann, B. Hutter; Gvozdjar, Tandari.

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