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Confident Victory In The Second Friendly

FC Pinzgau Saalfelden vs. TSU Bramberg; 7:2 (3:1); Gabriel (12.), Zehentmayr (31.), Tandari (40.), Eder (47.), Colic (48.), Moosmann (65.), Govzdjar (88.) resp. Kahrimanovic (32./OG), Hölzl (46.)
FC Pinzgau Saalfelden celebrates a sovereign test match success against the Salzburgligisten TSU Bramberg on Friday evening with a well-deserved 7:2 scoreline.  
From the start, FC Pinzgau Saalfelden took command at the SK-Platz – the 1508 SaalfeldenArena was not available due to the upcoming international test matches and training camps of renowned European top clubs – and already missed two great chances in the first 90 seconds through Gabriel and Tamas Tandari. The Brazilian did better at the second attempt and ensured the 1:0 lead with a well-considered finish. Alexander Schriebl’s team continued to keep the tempo high, created a few opportunities and went up 2-0 through Philipp Zehentmayr after just over half an hour. A few seconds later Denis Kahrimanovic had bad timing on a back pass, caught Kilian Schröcker on the wrong foot and brought the visitors back into the game. Shortly before the end of the first half, Tandari was spot on and increased the score to 3:1.
Right after the start of the second half, a carelessness in the back line was punished and Jakob Hölzl reduced the score to 2:3. Practically in return, Gabriel cleverly delayed and chipped the ball over the defense to the free-standing Moritz Eder, who scored dryly to make it 4:2. Moments later, Marko Colic provided the fifth goal for the Mountainous Pine Blues with a volley. The regional league team continued to show a lot of playfulness and a tremendous willingness to run and made the half dozen full with a header by Lukas Moosmann. In the end, Alexander Schriebl’s team won 7-2 against TSU Bramberg after an intensive training week and an appealing performance, with Semir Govzdjar scoring the last goal on Friday evening.
“It was a very good performance from us today. However, one must not overestimate the game. But we have seen that we are on the right track and some things are already working very well. We will work on that consistently and try to improve step by step,” said Alexander Schriebl.
Schröcker; Kahrimanovic, Noggler, Adjei; Eder, Benedek, Moosmann (63. B. Hutter), Colic (88. Dudaew); Gabriel (63. Gvozdjar), Tandari, Zehentmayr (63. D. Hutter).
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