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FC Pinzgau Saalfelden vs. BSK 1933; 1:1 (1:0)
Goals: Zehentmayr (31.); Drocic (60.)

From the start, a lively Westliga match developed. Both teams gave each other nothing and tried to actively shape the game, even if the big scoring opportunities were initially still missing. After that, however, the game went from strength to strength. First, Mohamed Khalil hit the crossbar for BSK 1933 with a powerful free kick from the edge of the penalty area, before Tamas Tandari took over a long ball from Dennis Kahrimanovic and fired the ball just over the goal. A few minutes later, Philipp Zehentmayr did better. The offensive player switched fastest and scored with a magic shot with his weaker left foot from just under 18 meters for a 1:0 lead at the break.

While the home side had set the tone at the end of the first half, the picture changed in the second. BSK gained the upper hand and quickly had two good chances, but both long-range shots just missed their target. Tandari & Co. held up well, but could not provide relief over a longer period. After a carelessness in the back line of the Pinzgauer Viktor Drocic equalized after a Stanglpass from close range to the 1:1 draw. The conceded goal must have been a wake-up call, because Markus Fürstaller’s team picked up the pace again. First, Joao Pedro failed from an acute angle, before Lukas Moosmann forced his way through and failed to put enough pressure behind the ball when it fell. In the end, all efforts, also because Moosmann had the winning goal on his head in injury time, did not help. The second direct duel in the Western League also ended in a draw.


“It was an appealing game from both teams today, so the draw is also okay in my view. The pace was very high today, but you could see at the end that it was the first game in warmer temperatures. In the final phase we were closer to victory, but unfortunately we couldn’t capitalize on the good chances. We can live well with the division of points against Bischofshofen,” Markus Fürstaller draws a first conclusion immediately after the game.


Schröcker; Eder, Kahrimanovic, Adjei, Ziege, Noggler (56. Benedek); Zehentmayr (90.+2 D. Hutter), Moosmann, B. Hutter, Joao Pedro (82. Alvarez); Tandari

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