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Draw Against St. Johann

FC Pinzgau Saalfelden v SK St. Johann; 3:3 (1:1)
Goal: Tandari (2), Kahrimanovic

FC Pinzgau Saalfelden gets a 3:3 draw in the third test match against the ninth-placed team of the Tyrolean League SK St. Johann on Saturday afternoon. In a very intense and physical game, both teams had strong phases.

The guests got off to the better start and took the lead as early as the second minute of play. The home side took up the fight on the artificial turf of the 1508 Saalfelden Arena and created some good opportunities, which were, however, carelessly missed. Practically at the break, Denis Kahrimanovic scored the deserved equalizer after a rebound.

In the second half, St. Johann was again the dominant team, took advantage of two carelessness and increased to 3:1. After the Pinzgauer missed some top chances, it was Tamas Tandari, who first reduced to 2:3 and at the end of a penalty kick for the deserved equalizer.

“We had some good actions today, you can build on that. In some moments, however, we must behave more cleverly and consistently. It was a good test and we have seen where we still need to act. Until the start of the championship is still a little time, we will still turn one or the other adjusting screw,” draws coach Markus Fürstaller a first conclusion.


Schröcker; Benedek (46. Mühlbacher), Kahrimanovic, Ziege, Noggler; B. Hutter, Zehentmayr, Moosmann, Eder (46. Streitwieser); Joao Pedro (46. Alvarez), Gvozdjar (46. Tandari)

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