FC Pinzgau Saalfelden | A Fan Owned Club

Driven By A Vision

International women’s soccer is booming, more and more teams are focusing on this field and in terms of development, significant increase of interest and investment is happening around the globe right now. At FC Pinzgau Saalfelden, women’s soccer has enjoyed a high profile for over ten years, and is now to be taken to a new level and continuously professionalized.

With the #ProjectAscend initiative, many changes will transpire in Pinzgau in the coming weeks and months – the stone has been kicked off and is slowly, but surely starting to roll. With six US-American newcomers, the first step is to bring stability to the squad, in addition to the existing important regional core, and to make the options more available locally and globally. The essential starting signal with foresight has thus been given.

With Sierra Cristiano, who moved to Austria last weekend, her know-how will play an important role in the near future. “It is the perfect time to give women’s soccer an even greater status. What is happening here in Saalfelden immediately excited me and I wanted to be part of establishing the groundwork. The collaboration between Austria and America under the guise of ‘Fan Owned Club’ is extremely exciting and has a tremendous amount of potential. Together we want to make a difference and approach our tasks with pride,” Cristiano explained after her arrival.

Since her arrival, the collective schedule has been packed, but that doesn’t bother them. The “common we” has a very high priority in the life of the US American. She has an impressive “hands-on mentality” and is already fully immersed in her new phase of life. “In the next few weeks, we want to combine strengths and build a visible culture of play among the women. For me, this includes a creative and entertaining style of play. Women’s soccer has excellent marketing potential to drive the sport forward. I’m happy to be part of the journey here in Saalfelden and to play a decisive role in the upcoming development,” gives the coach, who comes across as very tenacious, determined and with exciting insights.

Most of all, Sierra Cristiano enjoys soccer and loves the mountains – a perfect combination that will bring her a lot of joy in the beautiful Pinzgau region.

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