Position: Midfield
Age: 24 years, 6 months
Height: 6-0
Country: Austria

Having been a part of the club as a youth when it was originally founded in 2007, David is the epitome of a loyal Pinzgau player. He has only two clubs to his name, SK Saalfelden and FC Pinzgau Saalfelden, so it’s safe to say that his status at the club is that of a well-respected veteran. Having local roots makes David’s presence invaluable for the newcomers to the club, and on the field he’s racked up 239 appearances and 39 goals for the club. His familiar face will be called upon again this season in a bid to win promotion.

About me:

“I love the natural landscape here in Austria, some of my favorite things to do when I’m not playing football are hiking, biking and skiing - oh, and juggling too! On the field though, you can’t beat the feeling of scoring a late winner. I think the FCPS project is an amazing opportunity for this club, my favorite club!”