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Cecilia Caruso talks to the FCPS Show

Cecilia Caruso talks to the FCPS Show

For the latest episode of the FCPS Fan Owner Podcast (exclusively available to fan owners of FC Pinzgau Saalfelden), Lee Wingate spoke to our Fan Owner Experience Specialist Cecilia Caruso about how she came to work for FCPS, her day-to-day responsibilities looking after fan owners all over the world and the new ideas she wants to implement over the coming weeks and months. Here’s what Cecilia had to say on…

…her responsibilities as the Fan Owner Experience Specialist:

“My major responsibility is to take care of fan owners. I answer all the questions they might have regarding their investment or their experience. Whether it’s problems, or suggestions, I’ll always be available for them. Other than that, I schedule calls between fan owners, send out campaigns and surveys, and try to come up with ideas to make the fan owner experience better and better every day.”

…what she wants to find out from the fan owners:

“We have a campaign for overseas fans to buy beer for a beer buddy in the stadium. The beer buddies can then send them a message to say thanks. I would ask anybody who received a message from their beer buddy to share that with me, because it’s going to be fun to know what kind of information they shared and how the communication has been.”

…her ideas to improve the fan owner experience:

“We have had lots of ideas. We are thinking about giving away a certain number of match-worn jerseys. We’re trying to figure out the best way to do this. And we’re already starting to think about when the situation with the coronavirus will all be over and people are allowed to come to Europe to visit Saalfelden. We want to welcome them the best-possible way and give them the best-possible experience.”

…the growing FCPS fan owner community around the world:

“We currently have about 320 fan owners. They mostly come from the U.S. of course. We also have some who come from China and one from Italy. And we have a couple from Ireland, I think. So we’re going in the right direction to have a lot of fan owners all over the world.”

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