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Daniel Raischl talks to the FCPS Show

Daniel Raischl talks to the FCPS Show

For the latest episode of the FCPS Fan Owner Podcast (exclusively available to fan owners of FC Pinzgau Saalfelden), Lee Wingate spoke to our defensive midfielder Daniel Raischl about the difficult start to the league season, his journey from Red Bull Salzburg to FCPS, and his future aspirations as a professional footballer. Here’s what Daniel had to say on…

…the team’s early-season difficulties:

“We have so many chances but we don’t score the goals. And we are conceding silly, stupid goals. I feel at the moment like everything is going against us. Of course, the feeling is not good for everybody and everybody wants to get better results. We have to keep going!”

…his footballing role models:

“I have a soft spot for players that are not that talented but they do everything they can and they work so hard. One example for me is Benedikt Höwedes. Maybe most people don’t know him. He played for Schalke. He’s not the most talented player in terms of technique, but he worked so hard and he played every minute for the Germany team that won the 2014 World Cup.”

…his memories of the UEFA Youth League:

“They are amazing memories. It was such a good time. I was quite unlucky because I changed clubs that January, but I’m still a winner of the Youth League. I got the medal. I’m very proud, because it’s not usual to win the Champions League as an U19 team.”

…his hopes and dreams for the future:

“For me, there is one thing I want to achieve. I’ve played many matches in the second division – I think it’s over 60 already. For me, I want just to play in the first division of a country. In the best-case scenario of course here in Austria and with FC Pinzgau Saalfelden. But my goals for the next weeks are to get some points – no matter how we play – and maybe then in winter we will see if we have the chance to get promoted.”

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