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Eric Krajewski and Eric Friedlander talk to the FCPS Show

Eric Krajewski and Eric Friedlander talk to the FCPS Show

For the latest episode of the FCPS Fan Owner Podcast (exclusively available to fan owners of FC Pinzgau Saalfelden), Lee Wingate spoke to two of our fan owners, Eric Krajewski and Eric Friedlander, about how they first gained an interest in soccer, how they heard about the FCPS project and what it feels like to be a minority owner in a European sports club. Here’s what they had to say on…

…finding out about the FCPS project:

“I really wanted to get some more soccer in my life. One night I was up reading an article on The Athletic. It was probably about midnight and I read it maybe five or six times over because I couldn’t believe what I was reading. Then I started making contacts with Fan Owned Club to find out the timeline of when shares were going to be offered and it kind of just took off from there.” (Eric Krajewski)

“I came across the exact same article. I think that that Matt Pentz article was an entry-way for a lot of the early investors. I read it and sent an e-mail to Fan Owned Club and then I talked to Steve Paris, who obviously is also a UMass alumni as am I, and that was the connection there to take the next step towards becoming a fan owner.” (Eric Friedlander)

…the experience of being a fan owner:

“The way I look at things is: when I go to a restaurant, would I order something again knowing what it had tasted like before. And so, having had the experience of being a fan owner over the past five or so months, would I do it again? Without a doubt!” (Eric Krajewski)

“It’s more of the same for me. I feel like I’ve only really scratched the surface of the potential of what it could be. That’s partially limited by the pandemic and not being able to travel. I was set, ready to go to Austria this summer on a vacation. But it’s just been awesome to meet new people and help build this community, because that’s how I see it: we’re a big community, a fan owner community.” (Eric Friedlander)

…the benefits of the fan owner calls:

“I had a fan owner call with (head coach Christian) Ziege after maybe the first two games. There weren’t too many questions about formations or anything like that. I think we had a question about where he thought some of his weaknesses were on the field and he was open about it. He went right ahead and told you where he thought his weaknesses were and where the team needed to improve. I was kind of taken aback that he didn’t give the standard answers; he actually told you what he felt was the honest assessment.” (Eric Krajewski)

Wherever you are in the world, you can become a fan owner of FC Pinzgau Saalfelden over at WeFunder. You’ll get access to the full audio interview each week, have a chance take part in calls with the club management, and play a role in the decision-making of the club as we push for promotion. Let’s take this journey together!