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THE FCPS Show catches up with Christian and Eric

THE FCPS Show catches up with Christian and Eric from fans’ video phone-in show “The Minority Report”

For the latest episode of the FCPS Show, Lee Wingate spoke to Eric Krajewski and Christian Falyar, two friends behind the FCPS fans’ video phone-in forum “The Minority Report” (@FCPSreport) Here’s what they had to say on…

…the idea of creating a fans’ phone-in show:

EK: “In the US, you always have these call-in shows after a game, where people are still hot with emotion from the game and they want to complain about the ref, talk about who played well, and really just come together as a community. I really wanted to do that for FCPS, but I couldn’t do a call-in show, because you’d have people calling in from all over the world… and so the platform was decided as a video call-in… and really anyone could join in to talk about the match!”

…taking their football fandom further:

CF: “We’ve seen a lot of Bundesliga matches in Germany. When we’re in Europe to see matches, being a fan, it’s about the fan experience, but all those things that build up to where the fans can sit in the stands is what interests me…”

…being able to interact with players on a new level:

EK: “When Jatta hit that goal into the top right hand corner, I did a lap! I ran around the house I was so excited, and so the connection is there, I enjoy it and it is what it promised to be!”

CF: “I’ve lived close to several professional teams and I’ve never had this kind of interaction with any of those players. I feel like there’s a circle around American sports teams that just prevents that type of interaction … To watch somebody in a match and then 30 minutes later to be talking to them like your mates at a pub, I just think that’s fantastic.”

… investing in a European soccer club from overseas:

CF: “If you want nice mid-level seats at an NHL or NBA game you’ve pretty much paid for fan ownership, that’s the reality of it, and fan ownership is forever, it’s not like you get the one game experience. Plus you’re going to meet a whole new group of people that have a shared common interest. I’ve developed lifelong friendships, and I don’t think you can put a price on that.”

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