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For a recent episode of the FCPS Fan Owner Podcast (exclusively available to fan owners of FC Pinzgau Saalfelden), Tom Middler spoke to our Canadian/Swedish shot-stopper Henrik Regitnig about his upbringing in rural Canada, his passion for soccer, his journey through US colleges and European trials before ending up at FC Pinzgau in Austria. Here’s what Henrik had to say on…

…his Canadian and Swedish joint heritage:

“It’s split 50/50 between Canadian and Swedish. There was always a big split in my family growing up when it came to watching the Olympics, because Canada was always great at the ice hockey, but Sweden were pretty good too. Who I supported, that depended on the day, really!”

…how his love of Soccer conquered other sports:

“The biggest reason was the first coach I had in my home town of Invermere. He was a German goalkeeper and back in the day he played for VfB Stuttgart in the Bundesliga, so he was pretty good in his day. He took me under his wing when I got into it, so my first football experiences were with him.”

…the moment that football became a pathway to a pro career:

“The most pivotal one was when I moved away from my home town. There were no real opportunities in Invermere to show myself, so I ended up moving to Vancouver. I was still 14/15 at the time and figuring out what I really wanted to do, and then when I went to the UK to have some trials, I came back and it had really solidified that “Yeah this is what I want to do!” From that point on everything I focused on was to put myself in the right position to be where I wanted to be.”

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