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For the latest episode of the FCPS Fan Owner Podcast (exclusively available to fan owners of FC Pinzgau Saalfelden), Lee Wingate spoke to our right-back Lukas Schubert about his footballing memories and idols as a youngster, the setback that almost completely derailed his career and the unique appeal of the FCPS project. Here’s what Lukas had to say on…

…his footballing idols growing up:

“I really enjoyed watching Pavel Nedvěd because he was so dynamic and good with both feet; he could pass, cross and finish with both. But I also liked Alessandro Del Piero and Steven Gerrard; they were my childhood heroes.”

…the health problem that changed his life:

“I felt a pain in my shoulder and my back on the left side. I got it checked at hospital and they diagnosed me with an inflammation of the heart muscle. Suddenly I went from being a Bundesliga player to a very sick man in one night. At first, the doctor said maybe I couldn’t play for three months. But in the end, it was two years.”

…the unique fan ownership model at FCPS:

“We’re still in the Austrian third division and we’re a provincial club, but we get to play in front of our fan owners around the world. And speak to them and reach out to them. The greatest friendships I have came about through football and that’s what this project is about: we all love the game and we can watch it together, play it together and grow together.”

…upcoming opponents SV Seekirchen:

“It might be the hardest away game we have this season. Seekirchen are a very physical side and they are not interested in playing beautiful football. They’re very direct, so it will be a very, very hard game and scrappy at times – but still exciting to watch for all the fan owners!”

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