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Four From Four At 1508

FC Pinzgau Saalfelden 2 SV Wals-Grünau 1 (1:1)

The game was not yet twenty seconds old when Semir Gvozdjar already had the lead on his foot. After an ideal pass from Joao Pedro, the offensive player failed to make a strong save from the visitors’ goalkeeper Alexander Strobl. Shortly after, it was Tamas Tandari who tried to head over the goalkeeper, but the ball just missed its target. The home side set the pace and continued to dominate the game. SV Wals-Grünau was non-existent on the offensive for long stretches of the game. A chance from David Hutter and Semir Gvozdjar, whose shot was just millimeters past the far corner, were the logical result. In the 38th minute, FC Pinzgau Saalfelden took the lead thanks to the great assistance of Philip Kanzler, who put the ball into his own goal in goalkeeper style. The joy over the 1:0 was short-lived, however, as Petrit Nika provided the lucky equalizer with a deflected shot. The last action belonged to FCPS again, however, Tandari headed the game device from close range just over the crossbar.

TSV St. Johann started brilliantly and hit the bar after a few seconds through Sandro Djuric. Their guests from Pinzgau had to fight in the early stages to find their way into the game. This was to change in the 11th minute with a powerful header by Tamas Tandari, even though the ball went just past the far corner.

The momentum now moved to the side of FC Pinzgau Saalfelden and the next big chance from the visitors’ captain was to follow, but the goalkeeper had luck on his side with a finish from the edge of the box. After a little more than twenty minutes Kilian Schröcker was able to distinguish himself with a brilliant save after a Djuric free kick. When Mehmet Akif Öztürk headed in a corner from close range, he had no chance.

A little more than ten minutes later, the story should repeat itself, but on the other side. Tandari failed by long-range shot at the goalkeeper of the home side. At the following corner kick, Lukas Moosmann nodded in dry with his head to the deserved 1:1 equalizer, just before halftime.

The second fourty-five minutes it remained an attractive soccer game and the pace remained high. Both teams tried their luck on the offensive, so the spectators in St. Johann definitely got their money’s worth. Dangerous penalty area actions were the logical consequence, but initially they could not be exploited profitably.
After just under an hour it became hectic, many fouls interrupted the flow of the game and it became rougher. After a quick attack, FC Pinzgau Saalfelden did not defend with the last consistency and Sandro Djuric put the home side 2-1 ahead with the help of the inside pole.

With the next action a Pongau defensive player let Moritz Eder jump over in the penalty area, but to the astonishment the whistle of the referee remained silent. In the end, Saalfelden once again threw everything forward, went on the attack and pressed for the equalizer, but it was not to come. Thus, it set for Tandari and Co. the second defeat of the season.

“A more than deserved home victory, even if it has become exciting again in the 98 minute. We were the more active team for almost the entire duration of the game and created a clear advantage in terms of chances. The only drawback was that we should have scored more goals. For us it was an important three, because with the away games in Bischofshofen and Anif two important games are waiting for us,” draws co-trainer Max Mariacher a first conclusion immediately after the game.
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