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Four In Home Finale

FC Pinzgau Saalfelden 4 UFV Hallein 0 (0:0)
Goals: Gvozdjar (60.; 83.), Tandari (63.), Joao Pedro (69.)

From the beginning, despite the difficult conditions, an attractive and fast-paced game developed. The guests from Hallein fought with all means, spared no duel and sold – as expected – really expensive. Markus Fürstaller’s team had a firm grip on the game despite the heavy rain and showed some impressive combinations. Nevertheless, the home side struggled to create concrete opportunities. However, the few half-chances were not to bring anything.

In the second half of the game, the Pinzgauers cut UFC Hallein off in their own half and literally put on a power play. Semir Gvozdjar’s shot was saved by the visitors’ goalkeeper. In the 60th minute, the offensive player did it better, thoughtfully finishing off a Streitwieser pass for 1:0. The home side took advantage of the momentum, played a straightforward counterattack and increased the lead to 2:0 through Tamas Tandari (63rd). A few minutes later, Joao Pedro not only provided a personal liberation, but also scored the third goal against the Tennengauer. In the final phase, Gvozdjar ensured the 4:0 final score with a converted penalty kick, it was his 18th league goal. FC Pinzgau Saalfelden thus closed the gap on SV Austria Salzburg in terms of points and is currently ranked 2nd – the Salzburgers will not play their game until Sunday. The only downer was the injury to Marko Colic in the first half of the game. The defensive player had to be substituted with a suspected concussion.

“With the first half we have not been satisfied. We lacked creativity and made too many easy mistakes. Hallein has consistently followed their plan and made life difficult for us. In the second half of the game, we then showed a different face and played more straightforward. That paid off quickly. The 4:0 victory is definitely in order at this level,” Markus Fürstaller draws a first conclusion immediately after the game.


Schröcker; Eder, Kahrimanovic (80. Mühlbacher), Noggler, Ziege, Colic (29. Adjei); Streitwieser (65. Joao Pedro), Zehentmayr (80. Moosmann), B. Hutter; Tandari (80. Alvarez), Gvozdjar

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