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Four-star FCPS see off BSK challenge

FC Pinzgau Saalfelden 4-1 BSK 1933

FC Pinzgau Saalfelden celebrated a deserved 4-1 victory against BSK 1933 on Friday evening with Tamas Tandari recording his 28th and 29th goals of an incredible season, added upon by an own goal and Lukas Moosmann’s fourth.

Christian Ziege’s team got off to the better start by quickly exerting pressure on their opponents and showed aggressiveness in their forward play. After only a few minutes, Godswill Vadze had the first big chance after a brilliant build-up from the Mountainous Pine Blues. But as usual this season, Bischofshofen took the lead with the first noteworthy attack through their star striker Yaroslav Halenko.

Despite this, FCPS continued where they had left off before the goal. Their efforts were quickly rewarded. Tamas Tandari headed home a precise Adjei free-kick to equalise. A few minutes later, Christian Ziege’s men deservedly took the lead for the first time through an own goal by Branko Ojdanic after a failed defensive attempt. In the final phase of the first half, Kilian Schröcker took centre stage. The Pinzgau goalkeeper showed outstanding form and thwarted four top chances by Bischofshofen. But the Ziege crew also found another great opportunity, but Raphael Streitwieser failed with a tight long-range shot from 25 metres.

At the start of the second half, both teams initially lacked pace, but that was soon to change. Streitwieser tried again with a long-range shot, but luck was not on his side: the ball remarkably bouncing off the crossbar onto the goalkeeper’s back, then Pawel Kapsa was able to prevent the goal at the last moment. After a little more than an hour the Pinzgau captain made sure of the result with his second goal to make it 3-1. A few minutes later, Llambay was shown the red card. With the clock winding down Lukas Moosmann scored to make it 4-1 and give the home side a deserved victory.


“We can be very satisfied with our game today. We came back very quickly after conceding a goal and worked consistently on our game. Bischofshofen also had some good chances, but today the momentum was simply on our side and we more than deserved to win. We were the better team in all aspects and showed very good character. The performance helps us to be positive going into the season finale in Anif,” Christian Ziege summed up.


Schröcker, Schwaighofer, Kahrimanovic, Ziege, Adjei, Rathgeb (80th Seiler), Moosmann (85th Handlechner), Streitwieser, Benedek (87th Mühlbacher), Tandari, Vadze.

Goals: Tandari (22′, 61′), Ojdanic (24′), Moosmann (82′); Halenko (17′).

Red Card: Llambay (62′, second yellow)

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