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Frozen Friendly First Win

FC Pinzgau Saalfelden vs. TSU Bramberg; 6:3 (4:0); Goal: Gvozdjar (2), Joao Pedro, Tandari, Moosmann, Adjei

FC Pinzgau Saalfelden won the first test match against TSU Bramberg on Tuesday evening at temperatures far below freezing point with 6:3 (4:0). The current third-place finisher in the Salzburg Regionalliga delivered an impressive performance, showed fast combination play, created some good scoring chances and scored six beautiful goals. In the second half of the game, American newcomers Juan Alvarez and Nicholas Bianchi made their first appearances for their new club and made a good impression. 

“It was a very good performance from us today. Nevertheless, one must not overestimate the game. But we have seen that we are on the right track and some things are already working very well. We will work on that consistently and try to improve step by step. The preparation still takes a long time, we will use the time well,” draws a first conclusion co-trainer Max Mariacher.

Schröcker (46. Szabo); Blatesic (46. Benedek), Kahrimanovic (46. Adjei), Ziege, Noggler; B. Hutter (60. Mesic), Joao Pedro (46. Moosmann), Zehentmayr, Eder (46. Alvarez); Gvozdjar (Colic), Tandari (Bianchi)

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