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Goals Go To Kufstein

FC Pinzgau Saalfelden 3 FC Kufstein 4 (2:3)
Goals: Streitweiser (14, 16), Zehentmayr (67.) Pfeifer (9.), Treichl (24.), Marinkovic (26, 90.+1)

In an entertaining Westliga match, FC Pinzgau Saalfelden had to admit defeat to FC Kufstein in the 1508 SaalfeldenArena by a goal in injury time.

FC Pinzgau Saalfelden had to change the squad in the home match against FC Kufstein due to several injuries and suspensions. This was especially noticeable in the first minutes. After a first save by Dominik Moser, who replaced the suspended Kilian Schröcker, the home side’s goalkeeper had to admit defeat for the first time after a shot by Maximilian Pfeifer. After that, Raphael Streitwieser turned up the heat. First, the offensive player equalized from the edge of the penalty area, before slamming the ball into the corner moments later after a solo run to make it 2-1. Shortly thereafter, Semir Gvozdjar was clever and missed the far corner by a hair’s breadth. The joy over the lead was short-lived, however, as Manuel Treichl first equalized with a powerful header and Constantin-Sascha Marinkovic was right on target after Stangl’s pass to make it 3:2. Practically at the break, Lukas Tauber scraped a Gvozdjar free kick out of the corner of the net with a spectacular diving save.

In the second half, a good, but above all fast-paced game developed. Both teams continued to provide an entertaining and intense Westliga match. The guests from Tyrol continued to be red-hot on the offensive and tested the Pinzgau goalkeeper especially in the early stages. Markus Fürstaller’s team was well in the game, could set many accents and was rewarded in the 67th minute with the deserved equalizer by Philipp Zehentmayr. Shortly afterwards, Tamas Tandari had the lead after a remarkable assist from the outstanding Moritz Eder, but the captain failed to beat Tauber. While Eder missed the match ball in a thrilling final phase, FC Kufstein still managed to win the match. Marinkovic scored the decisive goal with his head in injury time.


“Very bitter. It was a real exchange of blows over 90 minutes and a duel with open sights, which we unfortunately lost. We played a really good game for long stretches of the match, but in some defensive situations we didn’t cover ourselves with glory. We now have to accept it as it is,” Markus Fürstaller draws an initial conclusion immediately after the game.


Moser; Benedek, Kahrimanovic, Ziege, Colic (57. Noggler); Eder, Zehentmayr, Moosmann, B. Hutter (90.+1 Joao Pedro); Streitwieser (57. Tandari), Gvozdjar (85. Alvarez).

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