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Down & Out In Golling

SC Golling 2 FC Pinzgau Saalfelden 1 (0:1)
Goal: Brückler (81, 83); Gvozdjar (17.)

Match Report

Pinzgau started with a changed starting lineup due to numerous absences and ambitiously into the game against SC Golling.

A lively back and forth affair from the start with a perfect cross from Moritz Eder to Semir Gvozdjar, who headed the ball into the net with the help of the goalkeeper to make it 0:1. Golling remained true to its match plan and continued to play boldly forward. In the 30th minute it was Gvozdjar again, who played his way through the penalty area and ultimately sent the ball just over the crossbar. Again, after an intense opening 45 minutes, the team went into the break with another slim lead.

In the second half, the rain made the ground conditions more and more difficult. Both teams were active and spared no duels, even if the big scoring opportunities were a long time coming. Both the Pinzgauers and the Tennengauers were only dangerous from long-range shots. Both squads acted from a compact defense and hardly allowed any noteworthy actions. In the final phase, the momentum shifted to the home side as Lukas Brückler put his team on the winning track with a double.

Adding insult to injury, the Pinzgauers had to replace keeper Kilian Schröcker in the final third of the match, while the late substitutes offered no additional chances to at least secure a draw.

Again, FC Pinzgau Saalfelden had to admit another narrow defeat, again on the road and after leading at the break.


“We took the fight well and were on a very good way. The equalizer should not have counted, there was clearly a hand in the penalty area – the referee has let us down, unfortunately! I feel sorry for the team, you can’t blame them today. They really tried everything,” Alexander Schriebl draws a first conclusion immediately after the game.

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