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Home Start Against Golling

FC Pinzgau Saalfelden kickstarted the promotion campaign with a narrow 1-0 away win at SAK 1914. SC Raika Golling’s first team secured promotion to the Regionalliga Salzburg drawing in their debut match against USK Anif 3:3 in the opener.

Unbekannt.png Opposition Unbekannt.png

The sports club was founded in autumn 1946 in a back room of the “Hauslwirt”, where the club was launched in the presence of the then ASKÖ state chairman, Rupert Köpf. As required, the club was reported to the American occupying forces shortly beforehand, at that time still under the name ATSV Golling.

Unbekannt.png Team News Unbekannt.png

Alexander Schriebl will have to do without several players for the home debut of the 2022/23 season with Alessandro Ziege (knee), Raphael Streitwieser (ankle), Ratan Dudaew (knee), Marcell Toth (ankle) and Marko Colic out for the next couple weeks. Niklas Mühlbacher is ruled out by last week’s red card.

Unbekannt.png Statement Unbekannt.png

“A very difficult game awaits us. We have looked at Golling very closely and know what is in store for us. Golling plays very straightforward, is strong on the counterattack and has two strikers with enormous depth in their own ranks. We are definitely well prepared, but will again try to bring our game to the pitch. We want to follow up on the performance from the SAK game and continue on our positive path.”

Unbekannt.png Head-To-Head Unbekannt.png

Newly promoted SC Raika Golling will be the first match in eighteen years between the respective clubs and the first meeting between Alexander Schriebl and Christoph Lessacher.

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