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Home Sweet Home

FC Pinzgau Saalfelden 3 Bischofshofen Sportklub 1933 0 (0:0)
Goals: D. Hutter (50.), Tandari (53.), Eder (60.)

Match Report

Markus Fürstaller wins his return match with the club with a thorough team performace against league leader BSK 1933 with a decisive 3:0 result.
From the start, a balanced and varied game developed. Both teams tried to actively shape the action, with the guests from Bischofshofen gaining slight advantages in the build-up to the game. FC Pinzgau Saalfelden countered well and tried to set pinpricks themselves, which, however, could not be finished in the last consequence. Even if the game was respectable, goal area scenes were scarce on both sides in the first half of the game. The visitors had the best chance after just over half an hour, but Mohamed Khalil’s shot just missed its target. Towards the end of the first half, the home side had two dangerous chances in the penalty area, but the shots were too harmless.

As few chances in the first half was, FCPS started all the more brilliantly in the second forty-five minutes. Shortly after the restart, Benjamin Hutter had the first big chance, but his shot missed the far corner by a few centimeters. His twin brother David then did better, holding his ground well and flicking the ball into the far corner for an unstoppable lead. Just under two minutes later, the team of new coach Markus Fürstaller added to the lead: Tamas Tandari showed his nose, was in the right place and pushed the ball from close range decisively over the line for 2:0. When Moritz Eder scored the third goal on Sunday afternoon after almost exactly one hour, the game against the league leaders was finally decided. In the final phase, the Pinzgauers left no stone unturned and brought the game to a close with a concentrated performance. With the important home victory against BSK 1933, the Pinzgauers were able to prolong their home series and make a leap forward in the standings.


“It was a contested match that ended with a nice victory for us. Our team played a really strong game, were top runners and showed incredible passion. We are all happy about the important victory, but it is only a snapshot. There are still 5 difficult games waiting for us in the fall,” Markus Fürstaller draws an initial conclusion immediately after the game.
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