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It’s Done! We Won!

SV Seekirchen 0 FC Pinzgau Saalfelden; 4 (0:2)
Goals: Eder (16.), Gvozdjar (44.; 69.), Tandari (66.)

FC Pinzgau Saalfelden continues its series of unbeaten games, wins also at the end of the basic round against SV Seekirchen with 4:0 (2:0) and thus secures as second in the table the coveted ticket for the Westliga.

From the start, it was the expected difficult away game at SV Seekirchen. The home side was well in the game from the first minute and tried to actively shape the action. Only in the course of time the Pinzgauer came better into the game and gave a first warning shot through Tamas Tandari. However, the offensive player’s finish clearly missed its target. In the 16th minute, Moritz Eder, who finished a solo run exemplarily in the slide, provided the redeeming 1:0. The pace remained high, the duels were fought consistently on both sides, but further scoring chances were a long time coming. In a phase in which Seekirchen had gained the momentum, Semir Gvozdjar increased the score to 2:0 shortly before the break.

Markus Fürstaller’s team remained stable in the second half and hardly allowed any chances for the home side. On the offensive, they continued to try to set pinpricks. After a straightforward counter-attack, Tandari once again showed his qualities and beat the goalkeeper to make it 3:0. Moments later, Gvozdjar could have finally put the lid on it, but he failed from the penalty spot. A few moments later, the offensive player did it better and converted a rebound for 4:0. In the final phase, FC Pinzgau Saalfelden left no stone unturned, celebrated a commanding victory and fixed the ticket for the Westliga.


“It great, of course. This success we have worked hard together in recent months. It has become clear that the focus should always be on our own tasks and that we should not be distracted by some side noises. We have succeeded well in this. We were in the flow and consistently went our way until the end. The game against Seekirchen wasn’t easy, the pressure before the last round logically increased. We fought our way in well and deserved to win. The fact that in the end it really became 2nd place was not foreseeable a few weeks ago. But once again it has been shown that it is not over until you have crossed the finish line,” Markus Fürstaller draws a first conclusion immediately after the game.


Schröcker; Eder (73. Mühlbacher), Kahrimanovic, Noggler, Ziege, Adjei; Moosmann (73. B. Hutter), Zehentmayr, B. Hutter; Gvozdjar (77. Streitwieser), Tandari (88. Alvarez)

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