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“Mike Pilko” Soccer School becomes “Pinzgau Soccer School”

Some people may already know of the “mikepilko.com” Soccer School: it’s synonymous with professional, diverse and – above all – personalised soccer training here in Pinzgau.

In the future, the soccer school’s top offering will be available under the name “Fußballschule Pinzgau” (Pinzgau Soccer School). However, support is required in order to be able to offer the diverse programme. And that will come in the form of a new partner: soccer fans of the 90s and early 2000s will remember Christian Ziege as a great soccer player. I’ve come to know Christian as a super coaching colleague. This professional relationship has turned into a good friendship, and I am happy that he is joining me in pursuing big objectives with the Pinzgau Soccer School and that we can offer our services for young players as well as for adult players and coaches.

For more information on the Pinzgau Soccer School, visit us at: www.fspinzgau.at

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