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No Points Away

VfB Hohenems 1 FC Pinzgau Saalfelden 0 (1:0)
Goal: Herbaly (28.). Red card: Brilhante (35.)

FC Pinzgau Saalfelden must admit defeat to the league leader VfB Hohenems on Saturday afternoon with a narrow 0:1 despite a strong performance.

As in the previous week, the team of Markus Fürstaller got off to a good start in Ländle, acted against the league leader VfB Hohenems on an equal footing and was able to set important accents in the offense, even if they were initially only able to create half chances. FCPS also stood firm defensively and hardly allowed any major opportunities for their opponents. In the 28th minute, however, the visitors were powerless when Tamas Herbaly took a full-stretch shot from just under 20 meters and happily put the home side in the lead with a thousand-guilder shot. Things got hectic after that: Gabriel Pereira Brilhante uncompromisingly cleared Moritz Eder in a dogfight and was immediately sent to the dressing room by the referee with a red card (35th). Tandari & Co. pressed the tempo in the closing stages of the first half, but ultimately went into the break with a narrow deficit.

In the second half, the home side stepped up their defensive efforts and set up a compact five-man backline. The Salzburgers continued to show their commitment, constricting the home side in their own half and trying to play their way through the defensive bulwark. Despite all efforts, the decisive pass in the attacking zone or a precise goal finish did not succeed this afternoon. In the end, FC Pinzgau Saalfelden was again without points after another strong performance. Next Saturday awaits with the duel against SVG Reichenau the first Westliga home game in the 1508 SaalfeldenArena.


“We didn’t cut a bad figure today, even though we created too few chances. Unfortunately, we were not able to capitalize on the long overtime. Hohenems understood how to stand compactly and close the center. We had a hard time with the pitch conditions, especially the through balls could hardly be controlled. It was an appealing performance from us, but unfortunately it was too little for a victory or a point in the end,” Markus Fürstaller draws a first conclusion immediately after the game.


Schröcker; Mühlbacher (46. Colic), Kahrimanovic, Ziege, Adjei; Eder (73. Streitwieser), Joao Pedro (78. Noggler), Zehentmayr, B. Hutter; Gvozdjar (78. Moosmann), Tandari (73. Alvarez).

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