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Points shared at home against St. Johann

FC Pinzgau Saalfelden vs. TSV St. Johann; 1-1 (1-0). Goals: Schwaighofer (2’); Ellmer (52’)

FC Pinzgau came away with a draw from their home clash against the league leaders.

60 seconds hadn’t yet been played before the visitors twice had the ball perilously close to the Pinzgau goal, and apparently that very early wake-up call worked some magic, as the action swiftly moved to the other end of the pitch. Jonas Schwaighofer showed a burst of pace to race onto a perfect pass over the top, lobbed the ball beautifully over the on-rushing keeper Wallinger, and gave the home side the lead inside 90 seconds (2’). In the following period, Pinzgau continued to play through the lines of St. Johann’s set up, but couldn’t make the attacks pay off. After a quarter of an hour, the guests awakened their offensive potential for the first time in a while, but it came to nothing. Back up at the other end, a flowing move ended up with Niklas Seiler firing a shot just over from range, yet the action tailed off slightly as the first half wore on, with the exception of a dangerous St. Johann free kick  just before the break which didn’t quite pick out the right spot.

The visitors came out with more energy for the second half, and after pushing for a leveller, they found it with Florian Ellmer’s close range header (52’). FC Pinzgau took a few minutes to settle after that set back, but the home side’s attacking threat began to increase once again, especially in the form of Lukas Moosmann. By the closing stages you could tell that both teams wanted to settle matters in their favour, and the challenges became a little rougher, leading to the logical outcome of several yellow cards and a match punctuated by free kick stoppages. FCPS carved out the better chances towards the end, even going close twice in injury time, but unfortunately couldn’t capitalise on their opportunities, meaning that they had to settle for a draw. 1-1 was the final score, the unbeaten run at home was preserved, but more was perhaps possible on the day more offensive accents, especially in the person of Lukas Moosmann. You could tell: Both teams now wanted to force the decision and the game became a bit rougher. Several fouls and yellow cards on both sides were the logical consequence. The better chances chances towards the end of the game, but unfortunately they could not capitalise on them capital out of it. The final score remained 1:1, although more could have been achieved today would have been possible!

“We didn’t play well today, but nevertheless we should have ended up as the winning team against St. Johann. Our opponents had just the one good chance, and they simply took it. Out on the pitch, our team aren’t quite managing to carry out all the things that we’re discussing off it correctly. The consequence is that we have to make do with “just” a point once again, and that’s annoying” said Head Coach Christian Ziege after the game.

Schröcker; Kitahara, Mühlbacher, Ziege, Adjei; Seiler (Handlechner 81’), Rathgeb; Schwaighofer, Joao Pedro, Fürstaller (Aydinhan 63’); Moosmann


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