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Prestige Duel Redux

🆚 Bischofshofen Sportklub 1933 v FC Pinzgau Saalfelden
🏆 Salzburg Regional League Matchday Supplement 3
🏟️ Sportplatz Bischofshofen
🕖 September 7, 2022 (18:00 CET) 🇦🇹

After two away defeats in a row, FC Pinzgau Saalfelden will meet BSK 1933 Wednesday in rescheduled abandoned match. The Mountainous Pine Blues have redeemed themselves with the home victory against SV Wals-Grünau and go with a broad chest into the prestigious showdown with the Pongauern. For both teams – the third in the table receives the fourth in the table – there is a lot at stake, as they want to keep up with the leading duo and close the gap again.

Founded back in 1933, Sportklub Bischofshofen are among the most storied clubs in the Regionalliga Salzburg. The real glory days came between the mid-1950s and mid-1970s, a period during which the Blues & Whites became state champions of Salzburg nine times and even achieved promotion to the Austrian top flight in 1971.
After the best part of twenty years languishing in the lower rungs of Austrian football, Bischofshofen recently achieved two promotions in close succession and have been back in the third tier since 2018/19.

Team News
Against Bischofshofen, Alexander Schriebl will still have to do without Raphael Streitwieser, Ratan Dudaew and Marcell Toth have returned to training. Lukas Moosmann will be out for a month with a torn ligament.

“Our goal is always the same, we want to stay in Bischofshofen again without conceding a goal. In the abandoned game a month ago, we got a first taste of what is to come in terms of duels and running intensity. We want to build on last weekend’s performance, we’re well prepared and we want to take something tangible away from home. The anticipation is definitely already palpable in our team.”
The Mountainous Pine Blues have historically fared well against Bischofshofen with eight wins against only two defeats, with almost half of the previous clashes (eight out of 18) ending in a stalemate.
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