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Prodinger Campus Pinzgau

In recent months, FC Pinzgau Saalfelden has set the course for a sustainable and successful future, especially in the youth sector. With the flagship project Football Campus Pinzgau, the club has taken another important step. The popularity of the project in the region and the many positive feedbacks confirm the path taken with the ÖFB Bundesnachwuchsleistungszentrum. Only a few weeks after the starting signal, Prodinger & Partner and their management consulting brands Neopraxx and Neopraxx Immo were won as the first strong partner and new name giver for the project. From now on, the academy will be known as Prodinger Campus Pinzgau.

“With Campus Pinzgau, we have taken the next professional step and want to build a stable foundation as quickly as possible. It was important to us that we create a unique offering for the region and focus on the next generation. We want to offer the Pinzgauers an optimal sporting platform in combination with a very good education – that is our credo. We have already succeeded very well in this at the start. We are very pleased that we have now found a first strong partner in Prodinger & Partner. The cooperation is designed for the long term and the support will fully benefit the campus and thus the Pinzgau young talent. A perfect combination”, explains the board of FC Pinzgau Saalfelden in unison.

In addition to monetary support, the logos of the Prodinger Group will also adorn the new jerseys of the campus teams. Lukas Prodinger, managing partner of Prodinger and their own consultancy Neopraxx GmbH: “We support the sporting youth work in Pinzgau with full conviction. In combination with the ensured compatibility of the training with Matura branch or apprenticeship, a showcase project for the region has succeeded, which hopefully offers many young talents the ideal framework conditions on their way to the top.” Markus Steiner, head of the firm and shareholder of the Prodinger Group and Neopraxx adds: “After the official ÖFB license could be brought to the Innergebirg, the decision was clear for us. The enormous rush for the admission shows how many talents are at home in the region. I am sure that local kickers from the Prodinger Campus Pinzgau will make it to the very top!” And further: “Our credo ‘it can be done!’ should always be a motivation and reminder to the kickers that with full commitment everything is possible!”

Footballing aspect and school and vocational training

The Prodinger Campus Pinzgau understands the school and professional training alongside soccer not only as a safeguard for life after the soccer career or in the event that the career does not go the desired way, but also as an important part of personality development. The necessary school cooperations with HAK Zell am See, HBLW Saalfelden, BG Sport RG HIB Saalfelden and HTL Saalfelden as well as sufficient boarding places have already been fixed, an apprentice model will also be implemented shortly. “For us, it was clear from the beginning that we not only want to promote the sporting field, but also to prepare the young people for a second mainstay with an education at the top level. We are convinced that we can offer our players a perfect framework so that they can develop in all areas,” said the FCPS board member. “Of course, the wide-ranging business areas of the Prodinger Group are also always open to the graduates for a later career start,” said Lukas Prodinger and Markus Steiner.

High Quality At The Start

Hannes Schützinger (NWZ Sports Manager) and Mike Pilko (Administrative Manager) have assumed overall responsibility for the exciting young talent project. Schützinger explains, “We are currently working on a training concept that we want to implement from the adults to our youngest players. It is intended to provide a rough framework, in which the coaches should of course add their personal touch. We have already achieved a lot, but there is still a lot of work ahead of us. The important thing is: we want to, we can and we do!”

Great Opportunity At The Sighting Day

On Saturday, September 30, 2023 and Friday, November 10, 2023, there will again be a sighting day for the 2007-2010 age groups (boys) at the 1508 SaalfeldenArena. There will also be a sighting day for girls (born 2009-2011) on Saturday, September 30, 2023. An additional girls’ team (U16) is planned for the 2024/25 season. More detailed information will be available soon at fcpscampus.at.

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