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Seven At One Stroke

SV Wals-Grünau 1:3 FC Pinzgau Saalfelden; 1:3 (0:0)
Goals: Pertl (69.) Gvozdjar (49.), Tandari (66. 79.)

The series continues. FC Pinzgau Saalfelden remains successful in the seventh game in a row and wins the spring opener away against SV Wals-Grünau with 3:1 (0:0).

FC Pinzgau Saalfelden presented itself strongly from the first minute and quickly set the tone. The team of Markus Fürstaller acted from a compact defense and could set good accents in the offense. Joao Pedro created the first two chances. The Brazilian tried his luck from distance, but both shots just missed their target. After another good chance from Benjamin Hutter, which was also thwarted, the advanced Moritz Eder slammed the ball against the crossbar with a powerful finish – the visitors’ best chance so far. In the 35th minute, Philipp Zehentmayr tested the home team’s goalkeeper from almost 30 meters, but he was to scrape the ball out of the corner of the net. In the final phase of the first half, Semir Gvozdjar and Hutter missed another great chance from close range. SV Wals-Grünau tried to physically resist, but remained harmless on the offensive.

The guests from the Pinzgau region got off to a good start in the second half and deservedly took the lead with a long shot from Gvozdjar. Markus Fürstaller’s team continued to hold the pressure and had the 2:0 on the foot. After a standard situation, the ball fell in front of Denis Kahrimanovic at the five-yard line, but the defensive player carried the ball over the goal completely free-standing. Tandari did better a few minutes later. After a remarkable hack and a well-aimed finish, the captain increased the lead to 2:0, but the joy was short-lived: Thomas Pertl briefly provided the surprising follow-up goal. The Pinzgauers, however, did not let this upset them and again ensured the 3:1 final score through Tandari (79th).

“We can be very satisfied with our performance today. We stood compactly and have acted in the offense with a lot of playfulness. The victory was more than deserved, even if it could have been higher due to the number of chances. We want to take the momentum with us and build on it next week,” said Markus Fürstaller, drawing a first conclusion immediately after the game.

Schröcker; Eder, Kahrimanovic, Ziege, Colic; Zehentmayr, Moosmann, Joao Pedro (70. Streitwieser), B. Hutter; Gvozdjar (89. Alvarez), Tandari

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