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Strong Performance Despite Test Defeat

FC Pinzgau Saalfelden vs. FC Liefering; 1:3 (0:2); Tore: Gabriel (47.) vs. Reischl (6., 17.), Moswitzer (59.)

In the first twenty minutes, Alexander Schriebl’s squad was surprised by the high pace of FC Liefering, thus the second division team were to take a comfortable 2:0 lead through a brace by Luca Reischl. After that, the Pinzgauers finally got their foot in the match, closing spaces and standing up to the favorites for the remainder of the game. Due to the more courageous appearance, FC Pinzgau Saalfelden found some chances, but they could not close as many as they created.

In the second half Arnold Benedek forwarded a long ball with a header down the line where Gabriel recognized the situation and cleverly detached himself from his opponent and shrinking the lead to half at 1:2. However, the Lieferinger continued to find good chances, but found their master in Kilian Schröcker. However, the Pinzgau goalkeeper was helpless against a powerful header by Marcel Moswitzer. In the end, FC Liefering won the test match 3:1, but the team with a new trainer and direction offered a more than appealing performance and got a significant amount of collective self-confidence one week before the start of the league.

“We played a very good match today. There were some situations where we did our thing really well, on the other hand we can take a lot from other moments again for us. We are very happy with the test, especially since we had a really strong opponent in Liefering, who really challenged us. Now we are looking forward to the championship start, there we want to go concentrated and well prepared into the first game,” said Alexander Schriebl.

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