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#SheBelieves Contest

“The Gist” Contest 🙌

US Soccer’s #SheBelieves initiative was introduced to inspire and empower women and girls in sport and beyond.

Fan Owned Club looks to broaden this awareness to inspire hope and a reason to believe that in-roads and opportunities previously unavailable to women in the United States are available via #ProjectAscend.

Fan Owned Club is providing two match tickets to SheBelieves Cup at Geodis Park in Nashville, Tennessee on February 19, 2023; two nights four-star hotel accommodation; two $250 Visa Gift Cards to cover travel expenses along with a #ProjectAscend welcome bag for both guests.

The Competition ⚽️

Inspired by the US Women’s National Team, SheBelieves is a movement to encourage young women and girls to reach their dreams, athletic or otherwise. The campaign was originally launched in the run-up to the 2015 Women’s World Cup and has evolved into a special bond between U.S. Soccer and its fans, taking a powerful message of empowerment and that of believing in yourself into communities across the nation.

The tournament will feature Brazil, Canada, Japan and the United States as a precursor to the FIFA Women’s World Cup this Summer.

The Project: Ascend ↗️

Leveling the playing field this Spring, Fan Owned Club is launching #ProjectAscend, where we will give six graduating women’s college soccer players the chance to continue playing the sport they love in the beautiful Austrian Alps.

Our sport-and-mission-driven initiative to become the preeminent destination for women to extend their professional aspirations through soccer is guided by a former NCAA Division I All-Star that never had an opportunity to play professionally, they will help our squad seek their first-ever promotion to the second league.

With a new crest to unite us, a best-in-class training facility and one of the first stadiums built specifically for a women’s sports team, Fan Owned Club is ready to write the next chapter with help from those who want to move women and the game forward.

After turning around the Men’s program, we are focused on creating more equity and opportunity on the way to building a regional powerhouse program, chronicling and sharing the experiences of these amazing women as they go on the journey of a lifetime.

The Town: Nashville 🎸

There’s no better place to experience music than Nashville, a city of storytellers and dreamers, where all are welcome with an authentic. friendly, creative, spirit. Come discover all the city has to offer and write your own Music City story!

The Hotel: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

The Union Station Nashville Yards is the city’s signature historic hotel for modern-day travelers. Established in 1900, the former train terminal features grand architectural elements and original art that transport guests to a gilded era, while offering modern boutique accommodations and amenities that signal the hotel’s timeless grace and enduring spirit.

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