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Sweet Revenge

FC Kufstein 1 FC Pinzgau Saalfelden 2 (0:1)
Goals: Hager (84.) and Tandari (14.), Joao Pedro (69.)

FC Pinzgau Saalfelden beats FC Kufstein 2:1 away on Saturday afternoon and can be happy about the first full success in the Westliga.

Markus Fürstaller’s team presented itself very disciplined in the highly anticipated second leg against FC Kufstein, withstood the home side’s attacks and took a 1-0 lead after a beautiful header by Tamas Tandari. The guests acted from a stable defensive position in a disjointed game and tried to create danger with targeted pinpricks.

The same picture emerged in the second half. The Tyroleans kept up the tempo and gained a permanent advantage, but were initially unable to capitalize on their superiority. After a wonderful counterattack, Joao Pedro slammed the ball into the net from the edge of the penalty area for an unstoppable 2-0 lead. After the home side from Kufstein had managed to score the final goal through Stefan Hager in the final phase, it became really exciting once again. Kilian Schröcker was able to distinguish himself several times in the second half with his usual strong saves. But the Pinzgauers withstood the final offensive, and brought the narrow lead over time and could be happy about the first three in the Westliga.


“The first 45 minutes the game was pretty even and we took the lead after a super move, which we then defended very well. In the second half of the game we started a bit cautious and had less possession. After the 2:0 we still had good chances to close the bag early. In the end, it became exciting again. For us, it was a hard-fought victory today, which is really good. We’ve often played well in the Westliga, but in the end it’s the result that counts. We hope that it will not be the only full success in the second half of the season,” said Markus Fürstaller, drawing a first conclusion immediately after the game.


Schröcker; Benedek (84. D. Hutter), Kahrimanovic, Adjei, Ziege, Colic; Eder, Zehentmayr, B. Hutter, Joao Pedro (74. Alvarez); Tandari

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