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Friendly Defeat In Pasching

SPG LASK Amateure vs. FC Pinzgau Saalfelden; 3:0 (0:0)

FC Pinzgau Saalfelden was defeated in a test match against SPG LASK Amateure in Pasching on Saturday. After a strong, but above all very run-intensive first half of the game, the team of Markus Fürstaller, who did without some players, had to admit defeat in the end with 0:3 after conceding three goals in the second half of the game. The regional league team was able to gain further valuable knowledge in the defeat and expressed satisfaction.

“It was a good test in good conditions. We played against a very strong opponent, who was on the road a lot and brought a good organization to the pitch in terms of play. In the first half of the game we were able to hold up well, it was a game of equals. In the second 45 minutes, we quickly conceded goals and then lost our order a bit. We had to run behind more. But we are quite satisfied with the test – a good assessment in the current phase of preparation,” said coach Markus Fürstaller, drawing a first conclusion.

Schröcker; Benedek, Kahrimanovic, Ziege, Adjei; Eder, Joao Pedro, Zehentmayr, Juan; Gvozdjar, Tandari

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