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The Dance At 3 Weddings

On the soccer field, we know Lukas Moosmann as a rock in the defensive midfield – you can definitely also call him a “man in all alleys”. And this also shows in his life off the soccer field. While FC Pinzgau Saalfelden’s intensive preparation is entering the home stretch, the midfielder’s schedule away from his soccer activities is well filled. As a self-employed physiotherapist and passionate beekeeper, Moosmann has found his passion and passion. But let’s take it one step at a time.

“I’m very satisfied with the preparation so far, even though I don’t like training on artificial turf that much. After my hip surgery last year, I’m a bit cautious there. But now we’ve already trained a few times on natural grass, so it’s a much better fit. I think we’re in a good mood and will be well prepared for the first game,” explains the team captain.

A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss

But how did the career choice come about? “It wasn’t my first idea. Actually, I wanted to join my dad’s construction company. After an injury, I had my first experience with physiotherapy. I then completed the training in Innsbruck, which I finished two years ago. After a year in the hospital in Zell am See, I took the step into self-employment. It is exactly my profession, I go there fully and it makes every day very much fun,” reports Moosmann, who recently operates a practice not only in Kaprun, but also in Piesendorf (including a small gym in it). It was also the training that helped the midfielder with his hip surgery and on the fast way back. “The view of my body has changed completely as a result, I became more sensitive. Especially during the difficult time, this helped me a lot and I understood different clinical pictures better as a result. That helps more now in my work with my patients, whether young or old.” True to the motto “You snooze, you rust,” he is currently completing additional training in functional myodiagnostics with his teammate Niklas Mühlbacher – the vision for this has been sharpened by luminary Thierry Murrisch from Munich.

Strength Lies In Rest

But that is not all. Moosmann is considered a down-to-earth nature boy who found a cool hobby many years ago in beekeeping. His own uncle was the impetus back then. “We have two alpine huts, just like my uncle. He had his own bees just under 10 years ago. That fascinated me, that’s when I also started. I got a beehive from a beekeeper, that was the starting signal. Since that moment it has been my passion. Currently I have 15 hives, which in a good year gives about 30 kilograms of honey per hive. Of course, it depends on many general conditions,” enthuses the 28-year-old. A hobby that demands a lot of calm and composure, this is also reflected in his behavior on the soccer field. “I am very close to nature and like to look at the environment. That’s where each and every one of us has an important contribution to make. It does take effort, but I don’t see it as a burden. The main month is in July, before that you just take care of it regularly. It’s brutally fun, it’s right up my alley!”
And anyone who feels like buying an organic mountain honey should seize the opportunity by the scruff of the neck. The passionate beekeeper is certainly happy about many regional buyers.

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