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The Proud Series Ends

Schwarz Weiß Bregenz 1 FC Pinzgau Saalfelden 0 (0:0)
Goal: Katnik (59.)

FC Pinzgau Saalfelden has to give in to the big favorites Schwarz Weiß Bregenz on Saturday afternoon after a spirited performance just 0:1.

The guests from the Pinzgau region once again presented themselves strongly against the title favorites and were able to keep the game open for a long time. Markus Fürstaller’s team started the game well and secured a greater share of the match. Bregenz, who were much more offensive than the previous week, regularly showed their qualities in the attacking zone and challenged the FCPS backline – but there were no big chances.

Tandari & Co. also showed a lot of presence and came to good opportunities. The best chance was missed by Felix Adjei, who suddenly appeared alone in front of the Vorarlberg goal after a great Zehentmayr pass. However, the defensive end’s finish was too central.

Also in the second half of the game, the Pinzgauers held against it with great passion. Bregenz continued to be active, attacked a little higher and scored the opening goal with the first real scoring chance through Lukas Katnik (59th). Subsequently, the guests tried everything to score the important goal to equalize. In the final phase, substitute Raphael Streitwieser missed a shot from close range before Adjei tested the goalkeeper with a powerful shot. In the end, all efforts were of no avail and the Fürstaller eleven was narrowly beaten 1-0 by Schwarz Weiß Bregenz after 11 games without defeat. 

“In the first half we played an incredibly good game and found a great chance, which we unfortunately could not use. Also in the defense we stood stable and allowed practically nothing. At the beginning of the second half it was similar, even though Bregenz was able to intercept some balls in our build-up. With the first noteworthy opportunity they then took the lead. We showed an excellent performance over 90 minutes, but in the end it’s the result that counts. We have shown that we are within striking distance and more than equal,” Markus Fürstaller draws a first conclusion immediately after the game.


Schröcker; Eder, Kahrimanovic, Ziege, Noggler (73. Streitwieser), Adjei; Moosmann, Zehentmayr, B. Hutter; Gvozdjar (82. Bianchi), Tandari

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