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Victory Of The Will

FC Pinzgau Saalfelden 3 VfB Hohenems 2 (1:1)
Goal: Eder (32.), Zehentmayr (60.), Tandari (90.+3); Matkovic (9.), Fessler (46.)

FC Pinzgau Saalfelden gets a deserved 3:2 victory in the last home match of the season against VfB Hohenems despite being behind twice.

In perfect conditions, the numerous spectators in the 1508 Saalfelden Arena saw an extremely respectable Westliga game from the start, even though Hohenems took an early lead in the 4th minute after an own mistake. The home side did not let their heads drop, but fought their way back into the game well and acted on an equal footing. After just under a quarter of an hour, Moritz Eder, who was deployed in the forward line today due to the thin personnel cover, fired the first warning shot. After a strong save by Kilian Schröcker, the Pinzgauers managed the deserved equalizer. A lob from Tamas Tandari landed on the bar, the rebound from Lukas Moosmann was blocked and in the third attempt Eder slammed the ball into the net under the crossbar for 1-1. Moments later, Joao Pedro had the lead on his foot, but the offensive player’s finish was defused at the last moment.

The second half could not have started any worse. After just 30 seconds, Dominik Fessler’s finish put the ball in the Pinzgau goal. The home side needed a few minutes to digest the setback. Markus Fürstaller’s team became more and more active, shaped the game and could equalize again through a well-placed shot by Philipp Zehentmayr from the edge of the penalty area (60th). A few moments later, Felix Adjei took heart, but his shot from 35 meters missed the far corner by a hair’s breadth – the Vorarlberg goalkeeper would have had no chance to defend. Shortly before the end of the game, the crowd in the 1508 Saalfelden Arena got loud once again. Joao Pedro got caught in a counterattack, but Tandari was quick as a flash and flicked the ball into the net from 25 meters to win the game.


“Our lads really deserved this today. After conceding two unnecessary goals, to come back like that and then to secure the three points in the last second is good. We stood up to Hohenems, didn’t hide and left a strong impression. Even if the winning goal came late, it was deserved over 90 minutes. A big compliment to our team, a great fight,” Markus Fürstaller draws a first conclusion immediately after the game.


Schröcker; Kahrimanovic, Adjei, Ziege (46. Colic); Benedek, Moosmann (37. Zehentmayr), D. Hutter, Noggler; Joao Pedro; Eder, Tandari

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