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Winner Winner At Wimmer

SV Kuchl 1 FC Pinzgau Saalfelden 3
Goals: Seidl (5.); Gvozdjar (10.) Tandari (14.) D. Hutter (75.)

Match Report

FC Pinzgau Saalfelden wins the fourth game in a row and prevails against SV Kuchl in a hard-fought match with 3:1.

The entertainment value of the match between SV Kuchl and FC Pinzgau Saalfelden was high from the first minute. In the early stages, the Tennengauer had the momentum on their side and were dangerous through two headed chances. True to the motto “all good things come in threes” – Manuel Seidl headed the home side deservedly into the lead in the fifth minute. Whoever thought that the guests were unsettled by this was mistaken. After a great attack, Arnold Benedek scored with a direct volley. Semir Gvozdjar was in the right place and intuitively sank the ball with his heel (however, with an audacious over his head kick) to equalize the score at 1:1 – his eleventh goal of the season definitely falls into the category of “Goal of the Year” Markus Fürstaller’s team immediately followed up with Tamas Tandari taking a long ball from Michael Noggler directly at full speed and sank the leather with a powerful shot for 2:1 in the goal of the Kuchler. The tempo remained high and Kilian Schröcker was able to distinguish himself in other good chances of the Tennengauer. The Pinzgauers also remained dangerous and kept the SV Kuchl defense busy all afternoon. With a tight, but deserved 2:1, it ultimately went into the break.

Even though Pinzgau was able to provide regular relief in the second half, the game was mainly in the direction of their own goal. SV Kuchl gained the upper hand and was initially the team that dominated the game. The Tandari-led Mountainous Pine Blues threw everything in and continued to defend compactly. The Tennengauer came to good chances, which were either recklessly forgiven, or could be made with united forces to the Nichte. In the 67th minute, Gvozdjar sank the ball in the goal for 3:1, but the referee ruled it offside, much to the surprise of everyone in the Andreas Wimmer Arena. A few minutes later, David Hutter scored the 3:1 goal with a spectacular solo, in which he played around the goalkeeper, and thus ensured the preliminary decision. In the end, another positive result for interim trainer Markus Fürstaller.


“The start was of course not as we would have liked. After falling behind, Kuchl still had two really good chances. I am very proud of how our team reacted to the 0:1 and how quickly we came back. There were some phases today when we didn’t have any grip on the game. Kuchl did a really good job and it was the expected tough game. We are very happy that we could win again. Now we have two more home games ahead of us, and we want to continue on our successful path,” Markus Fürstaller draws a first conclusion immediately after the match.
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