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Yes! First Win Of Season

FC Pinzgau Saalfelden beat TSV St. Johann 5-2 away on Friday evening and can be happy about the first success in the new season in the Regionalliga West.

The team of Hannes Schützinger found well into the game and set the first accents early. While the home side acted very robustly from the start, the Pinzgauers tried to find playful solutions. Practically out of nowhere, St. Johann took the lead after a poke through Sebastian Oberkofler. However, the guests did not let themselves down, continued to play their game consistently and deservedly took the lead through goals from Moritz Eder and Tamas Tandari. But the Pongau team took advantage of a lapse in concentration and equalized again through Oberkofler before the break.

In the second half of the game, the duel initially developed on an equal footing, but the mood changed and the fouls committed by the home side became more and more severe. However, the Schützinger eleven held their own and sent an important signal through substitute Philipp Zehntmayr and the third goal. After that, the self-confidence was higher and the ball sequences went off the foot more easily. In the final phase, Tandari and the eye-catching Semir Gvozdjar ensured the deserved 5:2 final score with goals four and five. The first three-pointer this season was thus perfect.

“It was the expected difficult game. St. Johann plays with a lot of high balls, which is not our style. Therefore, we have struggled to play them properly. But then we came in well and were the better team. After falling behind, we were able to turn the game in our direction, but had to concede the equalizer before the break. In the final phase, the momentum shifted to our side and we showed a super reaction to the opponent’s many fouls. Our chest then got bigger and bigger. Now we can be happy about a deserved victory,” Hannes Schützinger draws a first conclusion immediately after the game.

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